Podcast 40 – Friends are awesome.

Chris talks briefly about why this podcast is different and then Crys talks about a recent debacle with the show “Glee”. Then there is a portion with 2.0 talking on the podcast. Then a review of a netflix queue. Then we have a different set of friends dealing with the insanity of Christmas Eve. Crys gets a Family Guy reference stuck in her head (see if you can count how many times she says the same phrase). Then, we wrap with a wonderful song from Jonathan Coulton..one that’s perfect for how cold the weather has been.

JoCo and the Glee Drama

Link to Jonathan Coulton

The download location for Jonathan Coulton’s music.

Shallo’s Bar

The Candy I made for Dad, inspired by the show Breaking Bad.

One thought on “Podcast 40 – Friends are awesome.

  1. I quit watching Glee early on in the season because of the story arc regarding the eating disorders. It was very triggering and sent me into near panic-attacks. Then I found out about the ripping of Jonathan Coulton. It shouldn’t matter that JC isn’t as well known by most people, he still deserves at least credit for the arrangement. This has just furthered my reason to keep from watching it again. I mean, even in our church hymnal, different arrangements are noted in the footnotes.

    I understand your pissiness over the issue and am giving you huge props for standing up for what you believe in.

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